Thermal conductive Ink (TCI) is a one-part, non-silicone base and thermal curable paste. This material can be processed with general method such as dispensing and screen printing for coating and adhesive application especially in high power electricity module, motor, lighting, automotive, power supply, and home appliance. 
TCI resolves the traditional silicone paste disadvantages, including degradation drying, thermal conductivity decay and the volatile silicone oil which may cause contaminate optical components for optics and photoelectric applications. TCI provides the advantages of high thermal conductivity, excellent reliability, low flow in the elevated temperature, and easy processing. Base on the unique polymer composite technology, this product can be widely used in thermal conductive applications.

  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal resistance
  • One part heat cure
  • Excellent reliability
  • Easy Processing
  • Low flow in the elevated temperature
  • RoHS Complaint

  • High Power LED module
  • Power Supplies & Semiconductors
  • Industrial machinery Motor, servo motor, and EV Motor(UTV/Hybrid)
  • Automotive
  • Thermal module
  • Home appliance & Consumer Electronics