Polytronics SMFF0603, 1206, 0402 series surface mount fast-acting fuse and SMFS0603, 1206 series slow-blow fuse utilizes thick film process with extremely stable fusing element. The SMFM2410 series square-shape surface-mount medium-inrush fuses adopt Wire-in-Air (WIR) construction. All series are also RoHS compliant and halogen-free to meet global environmental standard.

  • Fast acting/Slow-blow with high inrush withstand capability
  • Compact size/Thick film manufacturing method
  • Ceramic substrate with silver fusing element
  • Higher temperature profiles (-50°C ~125°C)
  • Excellent environmental integrity
  • RoHS compliant (Directive 2002/95/EC)
  • Halogen-Free (IEC 61249-2-21:2003)

  • Applications
  • Battery packs/Cell phones
  • DVD players/Digital cameras/Game equipments
  • LCD monitors and modules
  • PC related equipment / peripherals
  • Portable device battery chargers
  • Wireless base station

  • Product Series

    SMFF0402 SMFD0603 SMFF0603 SMFS0603 SMFD1206
    SMFF1206 SMFF1206
    SMFFA1206 SMFS1206
    SMFF2410 SMFFH2410 SMFM2410 SMFMH2410 SMFF4012